Our Next Generation: Strategic Objective #4

Enhance ongoing professional development and employee growth opportunities for workers in their 20s and 30s.

The Approach

Ensuring upward career mobility and professional growth opportunities are critical to attracting and retaining young workers in Fond du Lac. Although someone may love living in Fond du Lac, their career also matters – we need to ensure they do not hit a professional development ceiling locally.

The strategic approach includes providing both a base of mid- and upper management positions for workers to be able to grow into, as well as support for trainings, certifications, conferences, and advance degrees that can improve the knowledge base. Not only will this increase career satisfaction but also improve the quality and productivity of the workplace.

Fond du Lac already has several organizations and many employers who see the value in such programming and investment. The community is also blessed with three colleges and universities that provide advanced training opportunities. However, it is evident that there are gaps in existing programming that can be remedied by partnerships and investments.

We envision a coalition of major employers, not-for-profits, and colleges/universities working hand-in-hand to develop a more robust career development program for our young professionals. What this looks like remains to be fleshed out in the implementation process and it should be dynamic and nimble so it responds to the local workforce. But this objective marks the beginning of a new and heightened focus on the professional and career needs of our young workers, including participation in civic sectors.

Action Items