Our Identity: Strategic Objective #4

Create a network of open space management jurisdictions throughout central Wisconsin and establish the Lake Winnebago area as one of the premiere outdoor recreation hubs in the Midwest.

The Approach

Many of the characteristics that make a place appealing to visitors, and those considering moving to the community, are man-made, such as restaurants, schools, housing options, and entertainment venues. However, a critical part of a community’s overall appeal can and should be its natural setting. Wisconsin is known nationally for its scenic lakes, forests, and rivers, and many of the best-known communities in the Badger State are closely associated with nature and the outdoors.

Fond du Lac may not be today, but it has the opportunity to be known as a city nestled within some of the state’s best outdoor destinations. This is a near-term strategy to elevate the Fond du Lac area’s image in Wisconsin and surrounding states by leveraging what it already has, to its fullest potential.

Fond du Lac should leverage these natural assets by establishing the region as a destination for outdoor recreation and bolstering the city’s identity as an “outdoors town”. Fond du Lac sits in the nexus of Lake Winnebago, Lakeside Park, the Ledge, several trails (the Taycheedah, Wild Goose, and Prairie Trails), the Kettle Moraine State Forest, and a series of state marshes and wildlife refuges at the Horicon, Theresa, and Sheboygan wildlife areas.

Even indoor opportunities, such as Blue Line Club and Family Ice Center and the Do-It-All Sports Arena can be incorporated into these broader efforts. However, all of these sites and entities are managed by a complex network of actors, which need to be better aligned to maximize the area’s potential.

Action Items