Our Economy: Strategic Objective #3

Create a comprehensive, cross-discipline, and cross-jurisdictional workforce training and development apparatus that prepares Fond du Lac’s workers for the jobs of the next generation.

The Approach

We add more jobs by investing in our people. It’s as simple as that. What is a workforce development strategy? It’s the programs we need to unleash the full potential of our workforce. Everyone in town has a role to play in this effort. From our citizens, to public officials, to schools and colleges, to businesses and employers, elevating our workforce’s skillset and competitiveness for jobs comes from robust, coordinated leadership across Fond du Lac. We need to double-down on that commitment.

Ultimately Fond du Lac has a number of great jobs today. We want to keep them here. And we want more. But beyond that, there should be an emphasis on quality jobs that will be here for years to come. We need to identify the local growth sectors and connect training and education to future employment. We need to focus on filling available jobs today, while also preparing the workforce of the future. The effort must be multi-generational and multi-faceted.

The good news is the area has already made a big push forward with Fond du Lac Works and IGNITE!. But the region’s workforce development efforts can be pushed farther. Part of the Envision process was to identify a few strategic priorities and swell our resources around them, and this is one that’s ready to take to the next level. It would yield results. We can accelerate our existing momentum by bringing more partners to the table and putting more programs in the community. That can start today.

Action Items