Our Next Generation: Strategic Objective #3

Proactively market and promote Fond du Lac’s strengths and assets to Midwestern professionals and potential entrepreneurs.

The Approach

During the community outreach, one person hit the nail on the head by stating: “maybe it’s our Midwestern or Wisconsin nature, but even though we have things to be proud about here, we don’t boast about them.” That has to change. It is time to proudly tell our story, our way.

One component of building a next generation in Fond du Lac is retaining those we already have, either young professionals that are “born and raised” but are attending college elsewhere, or those who are from elsewhere but are attending one of our three local colleges. A just as important piece, however, is drawing new talent to= the community from other places across the Midwest and beyond. It has to be a one-two punch.

How do we do that? By getting aggressive and casting a wide net. We need to get in front of graduating college students, as well as community “expats”, across the Midwest and beyond to show them the opportunities that can be found in Fond du Lac. It’s time to tell our story and start a roadshow. It starts with a pitch and a strategy, and takes off from there.

Action Items