Our Identity: Strategic Objective #2

Establish Fond du Lac as a “welcoming community” to all citizens through a series of proactive programs that engage the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

The Approach

One of the most common threads heard throughout a variety of outreach was that Fond du Lac is not a welcoming community. Whether that is in terms of the “old guard” versus “outsiders” who have recently come into the community, or in addressing the area’s new diversity, or even an openness to new ideas, participants stressed that Fond du Lac does not always embrace new people and new ways of doing things. It was clear that the community sentiment is not comfortable with that perception of Fond du Lac, and there is desire to tackle it head-on.

Ultimately establishing a “welcoming community” is about local culture. That’s a big topic. And local attitudes and behaviors will shape slowly over time. So it is important to identify strategies that build momentum while also building a foundation. The approach must match outgoing Fond du Lac residents who are exuberant about their community with those who are new to it. That passion must be shared. It must engage the big employers that recruit new faces to town and work to have them put roots in Fond du Lac. And it must bring new ideas to the table in organizations across the city. These efforts should be delivered through a warmth that reflects Fond du Lac’s smalltown charm and fellowship.

Action Items