Our Economy: Strategic Objective #1

Establish a pervasive culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the community at an early age.

The Approach

Can entrepreneurship be taught? Absolutely. While some are “just born with it,” many can become successful innovators and job creators with the right investments, coaching, and preparation. And it begins in grade school.

Students should graduate high school and college with an understanding of what builds a successful career, a mastery of soft skills such as networking or interviewing, and access to a web of successful community leaders. This exposure to ideas as well as leaders, mentors, coaches, and advisors is critical in skill development.

Efforts should not stop at graduation. There must be a pervasive culture of critical thinking and entrepreneurship permeating throughout the community, whether it is in City Halls, boardrooms, or around the kitchen table. The entrepreneurial spirit is a mindset and a way of solving problems and addressing needs. How can we continually do things better? “Good enough for Fond du Lac,” a sentiment frequently expressed during community outreach emphasizing low expectations, is not acceptable. We have to shift mindsets to ask “how do we respond to this challenge by reexamining our approach?” This means every decision. This means every day.

Action Items