Our Next Generation: Strategic Objective #1

Cultivate strong ties between Fond du Lac youth and their community.

The Approach

We must involve Fond du Lac’s next generation of leaders in community decision making at a very early age. By including our youth in leadership positions, trainings, civic clubs, volunteering, and more, we are giving them a stake in the future of their community. It is important to not just be reactive and let youth come to us. We must go to them and make it clear why it is so critical for them to pitch in.

A recent study conducted by the Corporation for National Community service showed that volunteering and community involvement is associated with 27% higher odds of employment. But increased youth involvement in civic and community matters is more than just providing them with skills for the future. It is giving them a voice and getting them invested in their community. They are putting “skin in the game” and developing an emotional bond with Fond du Lac. Over time, we believe that this positive relationship and sense of community-mindedness will not teach them skills such as civic- mindedness and leadership, but also retain our next generation.

Action Items