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Over the course of a year, the Envision Fond du Lac planning process engaged hundreds of residents from all walks of life. Targeted efforts were made to ensure typically underrepresented groups, such as low income households, racial and ethnic minorities, students, and young professionals had a voice in the process.

Launched Website

Began collecting public feedback

Strategic Plan Advisory Committee (SPAC) Kick-Off Workshop

Download PDF of SPAC Kick-Off Workshop Summary

December 10, 2014

Stakeholder Interviews

Dec 14 - Mar 2015

Community Workshop #1

Download PDF of Community Workshop #1 Summary

Feb 24, 2015

Business Workshop

Download PDF of Business Workshop Summary

Feb 25, 2015

Community Workshop #2

Download PDF of Community Workshop #2 Summary

Apr 13, 2015

“Leadership Fond du Lac” Workshop

Download PDF of “Leadership Fond du Lac” Workshop Summary

Apr 15, 2015

ADVOCAP Workshop + Neighborhood Livability Workshop

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August 20, 2015

Shutdown Website

239 resident surveys; 44 business surveys; 20 maps w/ 334 points

View sMap Feedback

Dec 2015

Open Houses

Strategic Plan Community Reveal: Download Envision Fond du Lac strategic plan (low resolution)

March 2016