Why is this important


Fond du Lac is a tight-knit community that is approaching a critical crossroads. We have deep roots and we know who we are. But who are we going to be moving forward? The world is a rapidly changing place in the twenty-first century. America is becoming more culturally diverse, the world more interconnected, and once stable industries are struggling to remain viable. In the midst of all of this flux, Fond du Lac is searching for a strategy on how best to position itself for success in the future.

This is a once-in-a-generation wake-up call

A few years ago, a local entrepreneur posed a simple question: “what will it take to make Fond du Lac a dynamic and competitive place in 2050?” Developing a compelling answer was the genesis of Envision Fond du Lac. Over the course of two years, nearly 30 public, institutional, and private entities committed to make an impact together, as a team. Forget turf, there’s no time to argue about jurisdiction. Our charge was to go to the residents and ask them what they want to see in their community, and then do something to make it happen. Envision Fond du Lac is the culmination of these efforts and a call to action for everyone.

We’re ready to roll up our sleeves

This certainly is not another government report. Envision Fond du Lac is an agenda to propel action. Can Envision Fond du Lac attempt to solve every problem facing the community? No. But it does provide a framework for attacking our community’s greatest obstacles? Yes. Progress begets more progress. Success breeds success. When can we get started? Today. The greater Fond du Lac community is blessed with a multitude of resources that can be leveraged to make a difference. Think of the economies of scale and critical mass that can be achieved when we set our sights on agreed-upon goals, align our resources, and work together!

And make a better future

Fond du Lac is small, but feisty. We work Midwestern hard and are relentless. Envision Fond du Lac focuses on three priorities: 1) growing our economy and cultivating entrepreneurship; 2) strengthening our sense of community; and 3) investing in our youth and young professionals. We are 100% committed to a brighter future for Fond du Lac.

Hold us accountable

Talk is cheap. Progress must be tangible and measurable. We are committed to change and are the masters of our own destiny. Hold us accountable through your advocacy, voting, participation at public forums, community involvement, social media activities, and more.

But roll with the punches

Not every idea in the plan may work, but every recommendation and strategy in the plan should receive our collective best effort. This is a living, breathing document. When something doesn’t catch fire after giving it our all, let’s be nimble enough to recalibrate the focus and try something new. Envisioning a better Fond du Lac is a fluid, ongoing process with entrepreneurial roots and the heart and soul of a committed people. Success will take dedication and hustle.

So go grab a shovel and join us

Envision Fond du Lac is YOU. Put some skin in the game. Whether you’re a small business willing to coach budding entrepreneurs, a big organization who can cut a six figure check to fund a capital project, or a senior citizen offering to donate a few hours a week to mentor a young student, everyone brings something to the table. Change won’t happen overnight, but we’re ready to move and shake things up. Join us.

Recent Project Updates

Promote living locally in Fond du Lac

Coordinate with major employers to promote living locally in Fond du Lac and have them directly link new residents with community ambassadors early in their relocation process. Status: In Progress Lead(s): Todd Koss, Grande Cheese; Jim Cleveland, Envision Greater Fond du Lac Partners(s): Envision Greater Fond du Lac, Agnesian HealthCare, Michels, J.F. Ahern, Fives, Wells, C.D. Smith, […]

Coordinate a unified economic development strategy

Coordinate all regional Fond du Lac business recruitment, retention, and expansion efforts across all partner organizations and government agencies as a part of a unified 5-year economic development strategy. Status: In Progress Partners(s): TBD Lead(s): Envision Greater Fond du Lac Interested to moving this action item forward? Contact Us