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Dig Into the Envision Initiative: Our Economy

This article was featured in the November 2019 edition of The Envision Initiative’s newsletter. To view the complete newsletter, click here.

Our Economy is one of the three large themes featured in the Envision Fond du Lac plan that is alive and well in the current efforts of the Envision Initiative. Our long-term goals in this category include creating a culture that promotes Greater Fond du Lac as a primary hub for entrepreneurship, small business startups, and quality job growth within Wisconsin and the Midwest. There is a lot of activity and success in this area, including:

• School curriculum enhancements to promote STEM careers with our youth

• Continued collaborative support for entrepreneurs through the IGNITE! Business Success Network

• Efforts to grow our talent pipeline, retain existing talent, and recruit new talent   

• Regional economic development coordination through relationship building and multi-year strategic planning