Current Year Priorities

Current Year Priorities

Our Economy

  1. Create a joint City/County Council of Economic Advisors
  2. Coordinate regional recruitment, retention, and expansion efforts.
  3. Establish a large volunteer network organized around specific community service projects.
  4. Establish a network of local individuals and families and coordinate with employers to aid in recruitment efforts, promote living locally, and directly link new residents with community volunteers.

Our Identity

  1. Track Fond du Lac press coverage.
  2. Create a “Success Story Center.”
  3. Examine potential to create visitor destinations on Lake Winnebago that recognizes and celebrates Fond du Lac’s heritage.
  4. Redevelop the Retlaw Hotel.

Our Next Generation

  1. Integrate youth into the boards of not-for-profits, businesses, governments, and organizations as student representatives.
  2. Implement tactical urbanism projects that can inject excitement into the community.