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Waterfront: Explore potential to create major visitor destinations on Lake Winnebago that recognizes and celebrates Fond du Lac’s heritage and connection to boating and watersports

Examine the potential to create major visitor destinations on Lake Winnebago that recognizes and celebrates Fond du Lac’s heritage and connection to boating and watersports. These destinations can be permanent or temporary, including potential museums, entertainment venues, marinas, and flexible outdoor space that could host events like food trucks and art demonstrations.

Status: In Progress
Lead(s): Craig Molitor, Fond du Lac Area Convention & Visitors Bureau
Partners(s): Mercury Marine, City of Fond du Lac



The Fond du Lac Visitors Bureau partnered with Blue Line and the City to build a Lakeside Park ice skating rink.  Winter 2017 proved to be a tough year to turn this type of asset into a major tourism attribute but the rink proved to be very well received on social media, the newspaper and during the rare opportunities the weather was cold enough the rink got heavy use.  We see this as a humble beginning to a permanent winter attraction that will hopefully eventually gain more attributes such as better lighting, a warming shelter, and music. And, don’t forget, Sturgeon Spectacular!


A couple ideas have bubbled up including the construction of a National Freshwater Aquarium and the development of a beach in Lakeside Park.  These ideas are consistent with the findings from the 2015 Lakeside Exploratory Committee and could work very well alongside the recently rolled out strategic plan for the west side of Lakeside Park. Several individual members of the Park Advisory Board, City Council, FdL Loop, Walleye Weekend set-up team and City Staff have been involved in several conversations on the topic of a Public Beach.


Considering the construction of a National Freshwater Aquarium and/or the development of a beach in Lakeside Park

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