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Promote living locally in Fond du Lac

Coordinate with major employers to promote living locally in Fond du Lac and have them directly link new residents with community ambassadors early in their relocation process.

In Progress
Lead(s): Todd Koss, Grande Cheese; Jim Cleveland, Envision Greater Fond du Lac
Partners(s): Envision Greater Fond du Lac, Agnesian HealthCare, Michels, J.F. Ahern, Fives, Wells, C.D. Smith, Excel Engineering



Jim Cleveland working to move this forward.


Database to support community connection complete and has been turned over to the FCEDC. Jim Cleveland has reached out to some employers who have indicated an interest to be actively involved – committee formed to make sure that the community connection program is used – Up and running now.

  • Identified that an underutilized community ambassador program already exists at FCEDC (CoCo)
  • Enlisted 8 employers to participate in program
  • Prominent realtors are now aware of the program
  • Recruited volunteer to join CoCo as a Community Ambassador
  • Finalizing HR contact database for usage by FCEDC
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