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Establish a volunteer network

Establish a large volunteer network organized around specific community service projects, including any opportunities to engage and coordinate with existing volunteer organizations within the Fond du Lac community.

Status: In Progress
Lead(s): Greg Giles, YMCA
Partners(s): Fond du Lac Family YMCA



Progress continues with Togetherhood initiative; Related and positive, but not previously identified through Envision FDL activity, FondyVolunteers.org through United Way agencies is newly online and working to close the gap left by the closing of the Volunteer Center.


A part time coordinator has been hired to lead the Tomorrowhood initiative. Part of the goal for this position and initiative is to fill the gap that the Volunteer Center used to fill. The YMCA has a willing base of 10,000 volunteers. They are working on a specific project now (see above) and have plans to do four projects per year. They will engage more people than just the membership, but it will be housed and financed by the YMCA which provides accountability for getting things done.


First Togetherhood project is planned centered around helping others in need around the Holiday season. A giving tree is set up at the Y for people to pick ornaments from for local families and local veterans in need. The Salvation Army kettle will be on site for three days Dec 19, 20 and 21 for volunteers to ring bells. Social media marketing opportunities are being set up to promote the idea of Togetherhood.

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