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Customer service training initiative

Develop a community-wide customer service training initiative to improve the Fond du Lac visitor/guest experience.

Status: In Progress
Lead(s): Craig Molitor, Fond du Lac Area Convention & Visitors Bureau
Partners(s): City of Fond du Lac & Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership



The First Impression process is underway with the Green Bay team visiting Fond du Lac the week of 3.13.17.  GB will be deploying three teams of 3-5 people for this community-wide “secret-shopper” exercise. The teams will spend an entire day in our community each visiting shops, hotels, restaurants, and attractions.  The teams will be asked to offer commentary on customer service, wayfinding, general appearance, Downtown District facades, Art and Entertainment District assets, and so on. The Fond du Lac Visitors Bureau will be underwriting the meals for all of the Green Bay teams who have been instructed do dine at separate restaurants.

  • The FdL teams –with a similar structure to GB— will have two orientation sessions on 3.27.17 with the Green Bay visit scheduled to take place on 3.30.17.  Participants from a wide variety of backgrounds have been asked to join in.
  • The FdL First Impression Partners (Downtown Partnerships’ Amy Hansen, UW FdL Extension’s Diana Tscheschlok, the City’s Dyann Benson, and the Visitors Bureaus’ Craig Molitor) will use the results of the survey to begin a community wide conversation on a variety of topics.C7 The initial and still primary goal of this exercise is to get a snapshot of our community’s customer service levels. The specific result will not be published; rather an aggregate and summary will be crafted.


Dyann Benson and Amy Hanson are now part of this action item. Working to partner with another community within the state — (which we’ve found) – Potentially, DePere.

  • Working with UW and their “First Impression Program”
  • Creating a marketing campaign to alert the business community and encourage participation
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