Our Economy

Collaborate and restructure the area’s economic development efforts

Identify all organizations in the Fond du Lac region working on economic development efforts and engage them in a collaborative effort to identify weakness, opportunities, and priorities, and then restructure the area’s approach to maximize the strengths and value of all entities in a coordinated, optimized manner.

Create a joint City/County Council of Economic Advisors as the primary, permanent deliberative body for this network of economic development organizations.

Coordinate all regional Fond du Lac business recruitment, retention, and expansion efforts across all partner organizations and government agencies as a part of a unified 5-year economic development strategic plan.

Lead(s): FDL Area Association of Commerce & Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corporation (FCEDC)
Partners(s): Fond du Lac City & Fond du Lac County



The Fond du Lac Area Association of Commerce and the Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corporation merged to become Envision Greater Fond du Lac, Inc. Cecilia Harry was hired as the organization’s first CEO.


Moving full steam ahead with AC/EDC merger / reinvention


Consultant work complete. Expect public communication of consultant recommendations and AC/EDC plan for moving forward in late December.


‘Items 1a, 1b, 1c have effectively been combined. Selected McCarthy/Blansett Group to conduct study to explore feasibility of combining resources. Study will determine future organizational structure for economic development and workforce development; Study will begin mid-September 2016.


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